Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is Sho Bi Jutsu

I have been working on some calligraphy to be used on the lifelong arts center logo. After some study, revision and coaching, (Thanks Jane-san!) I think this will be the official calligraphy for "Lifelong Arts." Although I need to practice a bit more, I think I can paint it a little prettier...

The translation is in Japanese of course:
Issho, (ee-sho,) meaning "one's whole life."
Bijutsu, (bee-joot-sue) refering to "fine arts" in general.
You may recognize the word "Jutsu" from the martial art Ju Jutsu, (Ju Jitsu, in the English accent.)

I like the double meaning with Bijutsu; a nod to the martial arts as well as the fine arts, such as painting and sculpture. I want the lifelong arts center to be all encompassing. All art forms will be welcome. Be advised though, I am NOT creating a new martial art! So don't come and ask me to teach you some Issho Bijutsu moves.

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